Rental Application Process

Our new application process goes into effect immediately: September 30, 2017.

We believe building relationships with our clients and tenants and treating all parties fairly and equally, so we have tried to streamline the rental application process.  Many tenants want to see a home before they decide to apply, and that is expected, and we encourage it; moving into a new home can be a big step in a person’s life.

We first ask prospective tenants to view the property description and pictures at our website, and We recommend prospective tenants drive by the home to view it and the neighborhood to ensure the home and neighborhood are somewhere the tenant would like to call home. 

If the home meets your needs after taking these steps and after the prospective tenant reviews the Tenant Selection Criteria requirements, we will schedule a home viewing appointment.

After viewing the home, the rental process is:

  1. Applications are no longer processed on a first come first serve basis.
  2. A prospective tenant submits a rental application and supporting documents and pays the application fee.
  3. Application processing will start when the rental application and application fee are received.  To expedite the application processing timeframe, we will no longer wait for the application packet to be complete to start processing the application (e.g. if supporting documents are not received, we will start the credit and background check process).   However, applications cannot be approved until all required information is received.
  4. We will continue to receive and start processing applications until an applicant is approved.
  5. An approved applicant has 24 hours to submit the security deposit and sign the lease.  If the leasing process is not completed within 24 hours, we will move onto the next applicant.
  6. A lease is not ratified until all tenants and Lauree Bradway & Associates LLC and/or Owner sign the lease.
  7. The security deposit must be submitted before Landlord will sign its portion of the lease.
  8. If the lease starts less than 10 calendar days from the lease signing, a certified check or bank wire transfer are required for submission of funds.
  9. Finally, first’s month rent and any additional money are due when the home keys are given.

*The process varies a little for out of town applicants; however, it is still the same basic process.