The Gift of An Amazing Mother - Courage to Fight Cancer


 My Mother, Daughter & Grandson


We think we know someone….yes, we may have known them all our lives, we talk with them daily, we share dreams and disappointments, we love and laugh. But it’s not until we’ve gone through a time of ultimate challenge that we truly know someone.


My Mother, Lollie Box, is an amazing woman. Through a very difficult trial I discovered that my precious Mother is filled with unbelievable COURAGE. A courage that I’ve never seen before in her, or in anyone else I know for that matter. When she was diagnosed in January 2009 with a malignant stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor, she accepted with grace, the craniotomy surgery and treatment that followed. I knew then, what courage truly was. She did not complain. She did not say, ‘Why me?’. She did not falter in her Faith. She stood strong in the Hands of the Lord and said, ‘Let’s fight, I’m not ready to die.’ I don’t know if I could have been so strong.


Her surgery was successful in February of 2009 and her radiation and chemo treatment quickly followed. Again, not complaining. Not cursing God. Simply saying, “Lord, by your stripes I AM HEALED.”


The courage and fight in my Mother lead me to something I had once read in one of Charles Stanley’s books, The Glorious Journey (now titled The Christians Handbook for Living). It was THE ARMOR OF GOD. The passage in Ephesians always held a special place in my heart, but never worn everyday as God calls us to in His word. I would dress in the armor a day here…a day there…but never every day. Not until my Mother became ill….and not until I made the ARMOR a part of my life, hand in hand with my Mom and it goes….


Good morning Lord. Thank you for assuring me of victory today. By faith I choose to follow Your battle plan and to prepare myself according to Your instructions.  

To prepare myself for the battle ahead, by faith I put on the belt of truth. Renew my mind to what is true. Fill me with truth. Expose in my heart the lies that I am tempted to believe. The truth is that You are a sovereign God who loves me and cares for me. The truth about me is that I am your child - bought and paid for. Nothing can separate me from Your love.

By faith I put on the breastplate of righteousness. Today I am committed to doing what is right. I pray that I would be known as one who does what is right regardless of what it costs me. Allow the righteousness of Christ to shine through me today.

By faith I put on the sandals of the gospel. I am available to You. Use me in the lives of others. I pray that in my conduct and speech I would accurately represent You. Make me a calming presence everywhere I go.

I now take up the shield of faith. My faith is in You and You alone. Apart from You I can do nothing. In You, I can do all things. Everything that comes against me must come through You, for I am in You. As you walked without sin on the earth, live without sin through me today. By faith I claim victory over ______________ (then I list some of the temptations I know I will face that day).When I face those temptations, remind me that the victory has already been won.

By faith I put on the helmet of salvation. Thank You for saving me. Thank You for forgiving me. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to live inside me. Holy Spirit, I surrender my will to You today. I surrender my thoughts to You. I choose to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

And last, I take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. (Then I claim several specific promises from Scripture.)

So Lord, I go now rejoicing that You have chosen me to represent You to this lost world. May others see Jesus in me. May Satan and his hosts shudder as Your power is manifest through me.

In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN."


Mom and I would (and still do) call each other daily to say, “Do you have your armor on?” I’ve even taught my four year old Grandson, Landon to wear his Armor. Such a precious thing to hear him say when you ask, “Landon, what happens to those darts that the nasty devil throws at us?” He responds, “They go POOF on the ground GiGi!”


There is no question in my mind that my Mother is still here today because we have fought against the enemy every day by being dressed for battle.


The enemy wants us defeated, discouraged, diseased BUT that is NOT the plan that our Mighty God has for us!! God gives us EVERYTHING we have need of in His word, and shame on us if we don’t use it!! This is POWERFUL!! When we are dressed in the Armor it is THE ARMOR OF GOD!! Not the Armor of Lauree or the Armor of Lollie, or the Armor of John or Charles. It is the Armor of God. The devil can’t even see me….all he can see is GOD.


Now this does not mean that life is trouble free I know. But when troubles or challenges penetrate that Armor, it means that God allowed it for our good. And that totally changes the way we look at a challenge. It could simply be a flat tire, a business deal that soured, an unexpected diagnosis, but when those things happen and we are dressed for battle, we know that God is working all things out for our good. He is “in it” with us.


That revelation…. is life changing.


My Mothers’ tumor was removed in February 2009 as I mentioned, and the doctors took all they could in the delicate temporal lobe where it was located. But this is a deadly disease, and the type of tumor Mom was diagnosed with is twice as bad. A Glioblastoma (GBM) with PNET Components. She was given 6-8 months to live. Well let me tell you about the grace and power of OUR GOD, the Power of Prayer & the DAILY clothing of ARMOR…SHE IS STILL  HERE and it’s almost TWO YEARS LATER!! We believe for another TWO…NO FIVE…NO TEN!!!


I believe so strongly in the power of this prayer, I have printed pocket cards to hand out to friends, strangers, customers, waitresses, store clerks, repairmen, etc. I love to hear reports from those who have faithfully been wearing their Armor and what God is doing in their lives. JUST LOVE TO BEAT UP ON THE ENEMY & THE DREADED DISEASE OF CANCER!!


In closing, as we each struggle with our own set of problems, remember that in this life we are Spiritual Beings in perishing Human bodies…only here for a short while. Make each and every day count. Don’t look too far into the future, or too far into the past….live for TODAY…that’s why it’s called ‘The PRESENT’.


May God richly bless you,

Lauree Bradway


P.S. If any of you reading this would like some “Armor of God” cards, please let me know…I have given out over a thousand of them so far and have plenty more to give!! (Please email and I will be happy to forward as many as you would like.)


 Mom's Homecoming....God chose to call this amazing woman HOME on December 26, 2010. She is forever healed and I am blessed to KNOW that I will see her again one day soon and we shall NEVER BE PARTED AGAIN.

I continue to put the Armor of God on everyday and if for some reason I forget...I feel a gentle nudging from Mom saying; "Put your Armor on Lauree". So like a good daughter....I do.